Have you ever seen pop up messages from your computer telling you that “critical updates are now available”?

The term “Patch” means a software update that fixes a known security risk within a software product. Microsoft Office (Word / Excel / Power Point/ etc.), Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, Adobe, etc. all have regular security updates that need to be applied to each computer every month. Most employees ignore these updates and leave security risks across the entire network. Some employees apply the updates and then either lose functionality (cannot print, cannot access network, etc.) or worse, crash the computer.

It's About Opportunity Cost

Why spend time applying patches to each computer and risk crashing your machines? A PC crash can cost $100 - $300 to fix. Let us apply the security patches after hours so that your business is secured while saving employee time. Your time is better spent driving new business and taking care of existing customers. Learn more … Contact Stability Networks today for a FREE PATCH MANAGEMENT CONSULTATION.

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