Today’s business requires connecting to the internet and accessing all the great resources. Providing the team with access to the internet creates a competitive advantage but also invites risk to the business. The internet is growing at a tremendous pace and so is the growing number of threats. In addition to the sheer number of threats, they are very dynamic - constantly shifting, growing and evolving to steal your assets. Watch out for these bad characters and implement the right defense:

Network Vulnerability Description Stability Security Solution
Network Sniffers

Something is monitoring the business conversation … what is it?

Computers send and receive information in streams of data ultimately broken down into individual “data packets”. Network sniffers attempt monitor these packets and read the content. All business traffic to / from the internet (Passwords, E-Mail, etc. ) are vulnerable and can be exposed. Sniffers can also intercept the message then - add, change or delete these data packets.

IP Spoofing

One of us is not like the other … or can we tell?

The attacker disguises itself and attempts to fool the network that it is a trusted source. It is a like a thief wearing the CEO’s mask.

Password Attacks

Brute force at the door.

The attacker assembles various alphabet, numeric and symbol combinations to guess the correct password combination.

Denial of Service

Everyone is arriving at the party – all at the same time.

The attacker attempts to saturate or overwhelm the network with communication requests and the system is unable to keep up.

Application Layer Attacks

Changing tactics …

Attackers move to a different layer in the communication stream at the application or software level. See remaining list.

Operating System and Application Security Updates (Patches).
Key Logging

Is someone recording our communication?

Attaching to a computer/laptop and recording key-board key strokes.

Anti Virus Software
Phishing Scams

Looks like my bank regarding my account, what are they asking for?

The common attempt is an e-mail message which appears to be from a company (bank, credit union, institution, etc.) often directing the victim to a false web page. The goal is to gain user accounts, passwords, etc.

E-Mail Security Software
Email Viruses/ SPAM /

What is this attachment?

E-Mail is essential for business communication and another open door for attacks

Stability Hosted E-Mail Protection.


This malicious computer program can attach itself to a computer and then can replicate across the network. It is introduced from the host to the target machine via internet, network or removable storage devices (USB keys / Drives). Typically corrupt or erase important data files.

Anti Virus Software
Trojans This attack involves inserting malicious software on a computer and then at a later date allows a hacker to access the system and in some cases the entire net-work. Anti Virus Software
Spyware Captures information about the user without approval or knowledge. Typically slows the computer down, slows the internet connection and can transmit sensitive information. Anti Spyware Software
Worms A computer program that attaches itself to an infected machine and then replicates across the network. Does not need an existing application to attach itself to like a virus. This typically replicates itself as fast as possible but can also encrypt files, send out e-mail and install malicious software. Anti Virus Software /Anti Spyware Software
Emerging Threats New threats are emerging every day and becoming more sophisticated. Some attacks use multiple tactics to take over a computer and turn it into a “Zombie”. The infected computer can wake up in the middle of the night and attack other machines on the internet without the owner’s knowledge. Professional IT support, industry expertise and key security software.

It's About Security

Firewalls and security software protect against these threats and are your main defense. Even if you have a firewall in place, it may not be configured correctly. We are certified experts and will ensure the proper protection is in place. Call us today for a FREE SECURITY ASSESSMENT.

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