Managed Business Network Services (MBNS)

Our Managed Business Network Service (MBNS) package covers all aspects of your computer network. It is a pro-active model that prevents problems before they happen. It includes:

Network Security Management
We'll review your current firewall, virus protection, and spam filtering solutions and make suggestions. Then we'll install a system to monitor constantly, so we know your system is safe.

Network Switching Management
The network needs to move information between devices on the network and externally to/from the internet. We ensure that the core routers and switches are efficiently moving the information so it does not slow down the business.

Network Patch Management
Software vendors such as Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe, etc. release security updates for their products to protect against weaknesses within their software. In today's environment of daily security patch releases, automatic patching is essential. Our systems ensure all your computers are up-to-date without impacting your employees' productivity. Did you ever apply an update to a computer/server and then lose the ability to print or even worse cause your computer to crash? We test all the security updates before we install them to ensure they'll run properly.

Network Data Backup Management
We will develop a Disaster Recovery plan for your business to ensure business continuity in the event of system failure, fire, flood or theft. Backups are checked every day to ensure company data is secured.

Network Server Maintenance
Like a car, servers need regular maintenance to run optimally. We've developed a comprehensive checklist of weekly, monthly, and periodic maintenance designed to keep your servers running smoothly.

Network Monitoring
In addition to documenting and fine-tuning your network for continuous performance, we'll be monitoring it every day. Our system tracks whether your servers, workstations, and network infrastructure are up and running and immediately sends alerts if trouble occurs.

Network Documentation
We provide and update a complete outline, map, and log of your network to ensure you always have adequate documentation.

Call Center Support
Of course, you'll have our numbers; you can call or e-mail any time you need support. Our skilled engineers can support your business remotely … whether you are at the office or on the road.

It's About Reliability

Stability Networks support model is the security of having a computer network that you never worry about. You know it's going to work when you need it. That's the value of Stability Networks managing your network.

Call us today to set up a FREE NETWORK CONSULTATION.  We'll review the entire network infrastructure, identify areas of concern and will discuss how you use the network more effectively. Then we'll send you a proposal to detail what we'd recommend for your network and how we can assist you. You can reach us at 208.344.0050 / 1.877.344.0050 or

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