In general terms, a computer network is a group of interconnected computers and associated devices. The classic business network is typically considered a Local Area Network (LAN) which allows communication among the devices. Ultimately, it is the platform to moves company data and transmits messages. Place the cursor over the various network components to learn more …

Network Component Short Descriptions:

Internet Service Provider (ISP):

An ISP is a company that provides access to the internet. There are several data transmission architectures - dial up, DSL, cable modem and wireless. Have Stability Networks locate an ISP that provides the best connection to the internet based upon your business location(s).


Network Security, just like a fence, starts at the perimeter or boundary. The first defensive position for a business is the firewall and is a must have for any business. A firewall is a network component that exists between the private company network and the internet. The firewall acts as a gatekeeper in the fence which allows the good traffic through (in / out) and prevents/protects against malicious traffic. Learn more and verify that your business is protected.


This busy device connects various network components (server, pc’s, printers, etc.) together and allows them to communicate. The main role is to process and route data packets within the network. Request a free switch evaluation to troubleshoot potential switching issues.


The company server is the heart of the network and is absolutely critical to the business. The company server can have many roles such as store important business documents, manage the E-mail system, manage user accounts, control folder and file security etc. Server downtime can shut down a business … learn how to increase server uptime to 99% availability.

Network Printer:

These devices typically handle the workload for the company’s printing needs. They can be programmed to print from all computers on the network, a single computer on the network or a remote computer that is at an external location. Request Stability Networks to recommend a printer for your company.

Wireless Access Point:

This device provides network and/or internet connectivity free from the constraints of a wired connection. This is optimal for mobile employees within the office or visiting from another location. Common setup is to have a separate wireless connection for guests which prevents access to the business network but allows internet access only. Contact a sales rep for a free wireless consultation.

Remote Access:

Today’s fast paced business environment requires that the team have network access anywhere, anytime. Connecting from a remote computer to the company network is a great productivity tool that provides access to the company re-sources and software applications. This connection travels across the internet … make sure the remote access is secured and does not open up an attack on your network. Learn more and verify that your business is protected.

Network PC / Network Laptops:

It is impossible to imagine working without a personal computer in today’s world. These hardware devices take millions of instructions and quickly perform calculations on them. They are very accurate, perform repetitive tasks with ease and provide a clear competitive business advantage. Learn more about managing the computers on your network.

Smartphones & Mobile Devices:

Blackberry, IPhone, Palm, etc. devices are a necessity for businesses to send/receive E-Mail, schedule important meetings, locate contacts and keep track of important tasks. Stability Networks can install and manage remote devices into the company network. Contact a sales rep for a free mobile device consultation.


E-Mail communication is as important if not more important than the traditional telephone call. The ability to send and receive email allows businesses to quickly communicate internally among the team, and externally with customers and vendors. E-mail can be hosted internally on the company server or can be hosted via Stability Networks. Learn more about the right E-Mail solution for your business.

Data Backups:

Knowledge capital and recorded business transactions are some of the most important company assets. This information is stored on company server and desktop computer hard drives. These devices retain accounting transactions, client files, proprietary company information, etc. See if your company has a valid backup plan.

It's About Efficiency

Technology is a tool for improving productivity among people and processes within the business. Stability Networks ensures that every network component works towards this goal. Contact Stability Networks today for a FREE NETWORK CONSULTATION.

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