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Windows 7 Preview

John Pascoe - Thursday, November 05, 2009

Windows 7


A lot of businesses are asking if Windows 7 is right for their business, here are a few reasons you should look at adding Windows 7 to your company.


One of the major complaints of users that were using XP and Vista is that the Vista system was just slow.  With Windows 7 we have found in internal testing that on the same hardware that is newer (3-4 years old and newer) Windows 7 will outperform Windows XP in speedy response to the users.


Most of your systems have been running XP for years and most of your employees have probably gotten very used to the interface.  Windows 7 has a very similar interface that includes a new search feature that allows your employees to search their profile and the installed programs to be able to launch the program they need or find the file they want without having to dig through multiple directories in their program list or their PC.

Here are a few screen shots.  Note the new "Stacking" technique that changes navigation on the toolbar:


Be aware that some older software may or may not work with Windows 7, usually software just needs an update, however some software packages may need to have newer versions purchased, please make sure to check with the vendors of any mission critical software before planning an upgrade to Windows 7.


Windows 7 will work with your existing network, your existing servers, and most of your existing hardware (primarily older scanners and printers may not work with the new OS), and so is a great option to add to your company.

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